The best 10 culinary destinations of 2023

In a compilation of this year's restaurant trends and travel insights, World of Mouth, the independent restaurant guide powered by a global community of culinary experts, presents the Global Culinary Report 2023.

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The report features a list of the 10 Best Culinary Destinations around the world, spotlighting cities that are shaping the future of food and travel and also highlighting the most dominant culinary trends during 2023. This year's report is based on expert surveys and expert recommendations in the World of Mouth, with over 6,300 personal recommendations by 600 handpicked experts, spanning more than 2,200 global destinations and including 90,000 members.

Top 10 Culinary Destinations of 2023

“The Best Culinary Destination” of 2023 is Copenhagen, followed by London, New York and Tokyo, topping the list of the 10 Best Global Culinary Destinations. Each city, whether it's the seafood and wine bars of Stockholm or the vibrant street food scene of Bangkok, presents a unique culinary identity, contributing to the rich culture of global gastronomy.

Top 10 Culinary Destinations 2023:

1. Copenhagen: A pioneer in New Nordic cuisine.

2. London: A melting pot of global flavours.

3. New York: The ever-evolving culinary giant.

4. Tokyo: Where tradition meets world-class innovation.

5. Bangkok: A spicy fusion of street food and sophistication.

6. Paris: The timeless epicentre of gourmet excellence.

7. Barcelona: A haven for Mediterranean and local delights.

8. Dubai: A luxurious blend of the world's cuisines.

9. Berlin: The burgeoning experimental food hub.

10. Stockholm: Scandinavian flavours in their purest form.

Read the full report: The Global Culinary Report 2023 by World of Mouth

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