An extraordinary expedition from Muir and Sable Island National Park Reserve

Muir hotel has launched an Extraordinary Expedition inspired by the region's raw, physical beauty and enduring character, transporting guests to one of the most secluded places in the world.

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The five-day expedition includes exclusive access to people and places throughout Nova Scotia with luxury accommodations at Muir. From snow-covered wineries and historic forts to Sable Island National Park Reserve, an isolated island of sand dunes, the world's largest breeding colony of grey seals and over 500 wild horses. One of Canada's furthest offshore islands, access to Sable Island NPR is extremely limited with only a handful of tours permitted to visit each year.

Muir has partnered with Kattuk Expeditions to offer three tours scheduled for January and February of 2023. Fred Stillman, owner of Kattuk Expeditions, will personally lead the guests on a full-day tour of this windswept island.

Muir hotel's partnership with Kattuk expedition

"300 [kilometres] off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and at the edge of the continental shelf lies a lonely bar of sand shaped by wind and ocean currents" explains Stillman. "Far away from any modern amenities and services, in the exposed open Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf Stream and Labrador currents nearby, this is the wild of wild, so remote and extreme, yet positively beautiful and gentle. This expedition is for those who seek wild reality and remoteness, to be immersed in an environment that functions entirely on its own and to visit it with just a handful of others. It is a place unlike any other in the world."

The Extraordinary Expedition was influenced by Nova Scotia’s proximity to and reliance on the sea, according to Muir. Activities include meeting with a local winemaker to learn how the highest tides in the world contribute to an award-winning terroir; an in-room spa experience inspired by the sights, sounds, smells, and materiality of the ocean; meals that reflect a contemporary expression of shared culinary heritage and guests will end each day in an executive suite with immediate views of the Atlantic Ocean.

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