Paradox Hotel Vancouver opens in city’s iconic twisting tower

Paradox Hotel Group and TA Global Berhad have announced that Paradox Hotel Vancouver opened its doors to the public on April 1st, 2022. The hotel, located in downtown Vancouver's Coal Harbour, is the flagship location for Paradox Hotel Group, a global hotel and hospitality brand with locations worldwide.

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In a city known for its stunning natural environment, diverse culture and progressive outlook, Paradox Hotel Vancouver represents the birth of a new identity in hospitality – one that is both familiar and surprisingly unconventional.” The Paradox brand was developed by a team of experienced hoteliers in Vancouver.

The hotel’s opening welcomes the global return to travel and tourism in Vancouver with an approach to hospitality that is true to its roots, one that delivers a genuine, attention-to-detail service experience that combines world-class amenities alongside an authentic and relatable human touch. The hospitality sector is currently going through a key moment of transformation as technology, and social media are quickly changing the way we travel and interact with others. We recognized a shift was occurring in how people engage with each other and also with the built environment. The height of the COVID-19 pandemic was the global catalyst for a resurgence of interest in authentic human connection and a greater expectation of personalized hospitality. As an industry leader, it was an opportune moment to realign and reinvent our business proposition to meet and adapt to the current needs and desires of the market,” says Joo Kim Tiah, CEO of TA Global. 

He continues, Paradox Hotel Group was born out of an extensive study of this evolution. We have always wanted to consolidate our hotels, and the time to embark on this meaningful journey is right now. Our global teams possess decades of experience and an established network of industry partners, having developed and operated numerous high-profile hotels worldwide. Passionate about what we do, our team has a strong understanding of every aspect of hospitality business from concept development to operations. We strongly believe that a distinct identity rooted in local culture is crucial for a successful hotel group. We strive to be at the vanguard of curating inspiring and exceptional experiences for our travellers, so it was imperative to not only come out with our own distinct brand but also create something that would exceed expectations by challenging the industry status quo.”

The design vision for Paradox Hotel Vancouver was to create a space for the new era of cultural tastemakers to congregate and celebrate the convergence of community in a way that is both thoughtful and unapologetically fearless.” The hotel showcases a laid-back contemporary design with an upscale ambience. We wanted to create a hotel concept that embodied the paradoxical spirit of Vancouver, where the brand was created; a city in which world-class luxury and laid-back lifestyles go hand-in-hand,” says Paradox’s head of brand experience, Lorraine Simonds. Paradox Hotel Vancouver is one of the most stunning luxury buildings in the city, but it’s about more than luxurious travel accommodations. Our vision for the hotel is to create interactive social spaces that facilitate authentic relationships between our guests, the city and its people.”

Alongside local fine-dining favourite, Mott 32, Paradox Hotel Vancouver will be home to two brand new hotel-centric F&B and nightclub concepts by legendary local champions After Dark Hospitality. The Karma Lounge and Mansion Nightclub will open in late Spring 2022.

For Tony Medd, co-founder of the global brand and General Manager for Paradox Hotel Vancouver, the staff and teams behind the Paradox experience are the essential backbone to the brand’s success. We like to challenge the status quo of how traditional hotel teams work internally and trust that it will give a distinct flavour to how our guests experience our hospitality. That starts by empowering and training our staff from groundskeepers to senior management to make decisions so that they can be a true host no matter what the ebb and flow of the industry brings.” 

Following the April 1st opening, Paradox Hotel Vancouver will be hosting a series of events leading up to its grand opening party; details for the Summer 2022 event will be announced in the coming months. 

We are excited to present the Paradox Hotel Vancouver to the city of Vancouver and the world,” says Medd. We have put together an incredible team to develop the hotel experience, and we can’t wait to show off our flagship location.”