Ottawa launches consultation period for renewal of Federal Tourism Growth Strategy

Tourism tells our story to the world, and the workers in that industry make possible the memorable experiences people carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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At an event in May with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal, Randy Boissonnault, minister of tourism and associate minister of finance, announced the launch of the formal engagement period for the renewal of Canada’s Federal Tourism Growth Strategy. 

The minister will work with the tourism sector, provincial and territorial counterparts, and Indigenous tourism partners to renew the strategy and set a course for growth, investment and stability. He also spoke about support for small and medium-sized enterprises and his vision for the tourism and hospitality industry in the coming years.

Tourism stakeholders, business owners and employees, as well as members of the public, are invited to visit New Federal Tourism Growth Strategy to provide input and help lay the foundation for the future of Canada’s tourism industry.

[The] launch of the consultation period for the renewal of the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy is a significant and exciting step for Canadian tourism. There is a lot of work to be done, and I know we can position the sector for long-term growth by coming together in a spirit of collaboration. Working with industry partners and provincial and territorial colleagues, we will plot a course for a bright future for this sector and for the Canadian economy,” said Boissonnault.