Meet FOX FOLD: Sustainable tissue solutions for hotels

Vancouver-based company Fox Fold has launched its venture to “disrupt the wasteful and outdated US$107 billion toilet paper industry.”

Elevate your bathroom 1440x

Fox Fold products are toilet paper and facial tissue dispensers that save money and cut waste. “Through thoughtful design, our patent-pending system provides the most modern, sustainable and hygienic tissue solution in the world,” says Ludo Siouffi, co-founder and CEO at Fox Fold.

The Canadian company has laucnhed its website and an introductory video about its offerings, as well as working toward becoming B Corp certified.

Sustainable tissue solutions for hotels: Hotels reportedly throw out millions of unfinished toilet paper rolls and facial tissue boxes each year. With the Fox Fold folded system, simply refill the units when they’re low and buy up to 50 per cent less tissue paper.

In November at WCLC, STAY Magazine’s editor-in-chief interviewed Siouffi about Fox Fold’s upcoming industry launch. Watch the interview here.

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