Hotel Quintessence and restaurant reopen following renovations

The Hotel Quintessence and Restaurant La Quintessence have recently reopened following extensive renovations.

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After 20 years of operation, characterized by continuous “soft” upgrades, the complete refurbishment entailed a wide array of significant improvements—some subtle or others more noticeable, all undertaken with the overall guest experience improvement in mind.

Between April 29 and May 10, different local artisans worked hand in hand to re-define the ambiance of “The Q,” while following specific design improvements outlined by Patty Xenos, the original designer of both the Restaurant and the Hotel Quintessence back in 2003. The re-opening was scheduled in time for the popular Mother’s Day brunch.

Patrons of the restaurant will appreciate the new lighting, flooring, wall coverings, and more, with the same Quintessence atmosphere, which our many returning guests are so fond of. The Restaurant La Quintessence maintains its commitment to providing the highest level of satisfaction for hotel lodging clientele, locals and Tremblant region visitors alike.

“This renovation reflects our dedication to creating memorable dining experiences while staying attuned to evolving guest preferences,” says Sean O’Donnell, co-founder, president and managing director, Groupe Quintessence.

The Hotel Quintessence also completed renovations to the outdoor infinity pool, the entire Mansard roof and the marble in all bathrooms, as well as to many architectural and structural elements. “It is important to foster strong relationships within the team, especially when undertaking hotel refurbishments of this scale. Effective communication, and willingness to adapt are crucial, given the unexpected changes to be managed with contractors. Our primary objective is to consistently exceed our guests’ expectations and ensure their utmost comfort throughout their stay, while providing them a comprehensive experience of all the amenities our hotel has to offer,” says Sophie Racine, hotel general manager.

In addition, the nautical area was inaugurated last summer with a large dock of over 1,400 sq. ft. Boat tours on the deluxe 11 place/25 feet pontoon can be reserved before dinner on the outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Tremblant (available to both lodging and non lodging guests).

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