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New travel platform for groups

A new group-centric travel booking app, Launchtrip, removes the roadblocks historically associated with group travel. The app allows users to plan and book travel based on destination city or event, and the ability to divide costs and pay separately.

Launchtrip is the first application to address a longstanding challenge for consumers and the hospitality industry: the need to facilitate group bookings in one application including payment processing.

The app allows users to book at thousands of 3- to 5-star accommodations in eight American cities to start, and review thousands of restaurants and book reservations with Launchtrip's official restaurant booking partner. Users can receive scaling group discounts with partnering hotels and take advantage of Launchtrip's signature 24/7 concierge service online, with text-driven customer support.

Launchtrip's 'My Trip' feature, manages the group reservation and guest list, meaning users won't be stuck with reservation emails from multiple vendors. Within this feature, users can name their trip, check the trip's guest list and determine which attendees need payment reminders.

Launchtrip CEO and founder Julian Ing is dedicated to providing a better travel experience for groups, a category that he believes has experienced little innovation in nearly 25 years. Ing says "Launchtrip is a new kind of travel booking company and one that we believe will transform the travel and hospitality space.”