Lodging franchisor rolls out mobile‑first revenue solution ChoiceMax

Choice Hotels International is collaborating with IDeaS, a SAS company to drive franchisee revenue growth across its global enterprise.

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In collaboration with Choice Hotels, IDeaS developed ChoiceMax, a mobile-first revenue management solution. As an automated, advanced tool, ChoiceMax continuously adapts to changes in the market using real-time data to help ensure hotels are always priced competitively. 

IDeaS’ mobile app empowers franchisees to more effectively manage channels, rates and inventory by adapting to local market trends in real time through repricing and competitive rate-shopping — anytime, anywhere.

IDeaS is committed to ensuring fast rollout times through simplified, plug-and-play implementations and to driving high rates of franchisee adoption through easy-to-use functionality and ongoing user education and support.

The enhanced capabilities have helped contribute to franchisees of Choice Hotels taking significant RevPAR index share, specifically helping drive ADR index gains versus local competitors.

Douglas Lisi, vice president of revenue management, Choice Hotels, said: Franchisees are at the core of everything Choice Hotels does, and we are committed to helping them along the road to economic recovery and beyond. This is why we’ve launched our new revenue management system, ChoiceMAX powered by IDeaS, to help our hotels optimize their pricing structure and ultimately increase revenue production. To date, 93 percent of pricing recommendations from ChoiceMAX have been accepted by properties, and the reception of ChoiceMAX among franchisees has been overwhelmingly positive.”