LG set new standards for commercial display technology

In 2020, LG set new standards for commercial display technology.

Micro LED 00 600x450

In 2020, LG set new standards for commercial display technology.

Today, LG is hosting its Business Solutions event in-person in Toronto on December 8 and 9, 2021, featuring the LG is set to help solve real business problems and learn from industry leaders how they are using LG Commercial Displays including in hospitality settings, hotels, lobbies, board rooms, guest rooms and more.

In addition to panels with experts — including Lara Skripitsky, vice president, chief technology & operations support officer at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd. & chair, Global Women in Technology; and Kevin Stewart, vice president international operations, design & solutions at Scotiabank — the event includes demonstrations of some of LG’s flagship commercial display technology including the LG Electronics’ Micro LED signage solution, LG MAGNIT, which delivers groundbreaking picture quality and durability with LG’s proprietary black coating display technology as well as a streamlined installation with its block-assembly design.

Micro LED features self-emissive micrometer-scale pixels applied directly to the substrate board, to deliver sharper images with improved contrast and a wider viewing angle. And LG’s new Black Coating technology applied to the front of the displays is designed to improve contrast and color accuracy while helping to protect the tiny LED pixels from moisture, dust, and external impact. Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint, LG Black Coating also minimizes distracting reflections and makes it easier to remove unsightly smudges.

The LG MAGNIT is ideal for luxury consumers seeking a premium, large-scale display with 163 inches of 4K resolution for enjoying favorite movies, series, and sports. Featuring LG’s webOS smart signage platform for intuitive navigation and control of the many useful functions, including features and presets, LG MAGNIT’s superb picture quality is boosted by an AI-powered α (Alpha) image processor found in state-of-the-art LG TVs that intelligently analyzes content and source and automatically optimizes visual output in real-time.

  • Commercial displays have myriad applications in the hospitality landscape, allowing businesses to:
  • See better performance
  • Target customers along their purchase journey
  • Navigate passengers through complex spaces
  • Manage content streams
  • Create an experiential opportunity to engage guests
  • Manipulate menu board content in real-time
  • Trigger content as customers approach
  • Pull from various content sources in varied settings