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There won’t be a Grand Reopening

As we re-enter the realm of a post-COVID19 world, I believe we need to temper our expectations of the grand reopening of Tourism 2.0. It doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. It just means we need to help jumpstart the world…

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How travel agents could help save the industry

This isn’t the first time the travel industry has suffered. Traditional travel agents have been in emergency mode many times during the last two decades or so. Frances Kiradjian of BLLA looks at how this could help our…

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PPE availability and supply chain cautions

In response to requests for supply of PPE, Jason Cheskes has spent dozens of hours examining the marketplace to provide hoteliers with up-to-date solutions for these needs. Cheskes suggests operators consider placing…

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Social distancing a chance to rethink service delivery

Once hotels start to resume operations, they may want to rethink service delivery, notes Peter Mitham. This could mean leveraging technology to limit face-to-face interactions with guests, or reducing seat counts in…

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Why guest screening is essential in COVID‑19

COVID-19 brings new threats to hotels. The low average daily rates caused by the virus tend to attract high-risk guests or those looking to exploit hoteliers. To stay protected during these uncertain times, it’s crucial…

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A Reason for Hope – Tourism 2.0

In spite of the hardships around us all, Joe Baker of Centennial College has never before seen the kinds of unity he is seeing now. Industry and government messages are crystal clear – the tourism industry is vital to…

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Communications tips for a pandemic

By David Eisenstadt and Carol Merry The rapid spread of the coronavirus have required that companies the world over quickly prepare communications strategies for their various stakeholder audiences, with a focus on…

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Kids’ menu: beyond nuggets and fries

It’s no surprise that consumer eating habits continue to evolve over time. These changes are insightful for hotels and resorts in planning their food and beverage programs in particular. One demographic that frequently…


STR looks at Canada's 2019 hotel performance

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — The overall performance of Canadian hotels was more negative than positive: occupancy was down 1.3 per cent, while ADR was up 1.2 per cent and RevPAR was almost the same as in 2018, down just 0.2…


Expedia on travelling in the new decade

TORONTO — Expedia Group shares their predictions for 2020 and beyond, from generational and geo-economic shifts to diversity in accommodations, to redefining the airport experience. Watch out for Generation Alpha!