OTEC’s Newcomer GPS: ‘Exploring an Integrated Digital Pathway to Settlement’ project.

OTEC’s Newcomer GPS “Exploring an Integrated Digital Pathway to Settlement” project aims to test an integrated technology solution, in partnership with SPOs across Ontario, in its ability to conduct assessments, career pathing, job matching and skills development tools matching for newcomers.

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The Newcomer GPS: Exploring an Integrated Pathway to Settlement is an OTEC-led research project that will test the integrated technology solution CareerAtlas within Service Provider Organizations (SPO) pre-arrival and hybrid settlement services in Canada. Newcomer GPS will evaluate CareerAtlas’s ability to enhance the decision-making and integration outcomes for newcomer job seekers through:

  • Data analytics;

  • Assessments;

  • Career pathing;

  • Job matching;

  • The identification of opportunities for skills development;

  • Direct engagement with newcomers, leveraging data and intelligence at the system level.

The primary outcomes of Newcomer GPS are to:

  • Improve clients’ decision-making on settlement through access to destinations, increased employment opportunities, and increased awareness of individual skills.

  • Improve SPOs’ delivery capacity to support newcomers into the labour market.

Newcomer GPS Objectives:

  1. Support the settlement planning decisions of newcomers and enable clients to assess their skills and qualifications against real-time labour market information relative to employment opportunities in communities across Canada.

  2. Provide a dedicated coaching interface that allows SPO staff to engage directly with the clients they are supporting, leveraging data and intelligence at the system level.

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