Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Yorkville unveils renovations

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto has announced the completion of an extensive, multi-million-dollar guest room renovation.

Four Seasons Hotels Renovated accommodations copy

With a focus on comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal—the redesign encompasses all 259 guest rooms including 42 suites within the hotel.

Maintaining the hotel's distinct architectural character was paramount, and the refresh introduced many enhancements while respecting the existing design framework. Every aspect of the rooms and suites has been meticulously reconsidered, from carpets to furnishings to lighting and artwork. All furniture has been designed and manufactured in Canada, utilizing local artisans and fabrics throughout the rooms.

The design inspiration behind the remodel draws from Toronto's urban sophistication and natural beauty. Colours and textures celebrate the distinctly Canadian surrounding landscape, while furniture designs and surface patterns bring forth the asymmetry found in the natural world. Local artists play a pivotal role in the aesthetic narrative of the renovated rooms and suites. Works by Canadian artists such as Emma Enright, Dahae Song, Deborah Moss, and Andrea Soos adorn the walls, adding a touch of regional flair to the guest experience.

DesignAgency led the design and creative vision infusing them with a sense of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. The aim was to create an environment that seamlessly blends the urban vibrancy of Toronto with the tranquil beauty of its natural surroundings. Every design element was carefully considered to evoke a sense of harmony and sophistication, providing guests with an elevated experience that resonates with the spirit of Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.

Guests can now enjoy programmable temperature control kettles by Corvo, Nespresso machines, press steamers in every room and exclusive wine labels sourced from the nearby Niagara wine region. Technological upgrades include a new dimmable, LED and energy-efficient Lutron lighting system, automated drapes, and increased power outlets throughout the rooms.

The private bar, named "MyBar," has been thoughtfully curated to include a selection of local products, showcasing the best of Canadian craftsmanship and culinary delights. In addition to the guest rooms and suites, the property also has previously renovated public spaces to ensure an updated guest experience throughout the property.

"We have an unwavering commitment to providing guests and residents with the best luxury experience in Toronto, and this fresh, holistic update has surpassed all expectations," says Shahid Khan, owner of Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. "We ensured that every detail was considered, and refined many iterations of the model room until it was absolutely perfect. It is important to reinvest in Four Seasons Hotel Toronto through the elevation of our guest room product and experience, and this organic and warm update underscores our promise to offer the preeminent Hotel in the market."

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