Cabot Cape Breton honours Canadian Golf legend

Cabot Cape Breton has named a street within its resort community after famed Canadian golfer Marlene Stewart Streit.

Marlene Stewart Streit

Cabot Cape Breton has named a street within its resort community after famed Canadian golfer Marlene Stewart Streit.

Stewart Streit Way in the heart of the Cabot Cliffs development in Inverness, Nova Scotia, pays tribute to the trailblazing Canadian. Born in 1934 in Cereal, Alberta, Streit is one of the most decorated Canadian golfers in history. Career highlights include winning the Australian, British, Canadian and U.S. Women’s Amateurs, the only golfer to ever have done so. Streit was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2004 and was awarded the Order of Ontario in 2006.

Ben Cowan-Dewar, CEO and co-founder of Cabot, says: The Cabot team is thrilled to honour Marlene, who may well be the best golfer Canada has ever produced. She has been a staple in Canadian golf and has blazed the way for all men and women who followed her. We are grateful for her friendship and have enjoyed every second she has spent on property, from watching her tee shot on the opening day of Cabot Cliffs to seeing her shoot a smooth 74 at Cabot Links. We hope this small honour adds to the amazing list of recognition for her contributions to Canada.”

In addition to celebrating Marlene Stewart Streit’s contributions to the game, Cabot is committed to helping to make the game of golf more inclusive and accessible to diverse groups of all skill levels through programs like its Women’s Golf Day event. In addition, Cabot Cape Breton recently partnered with Black Lives Matter Golf to host their first mobile Junior Mentorship Program. This season, Cabot opened a third golf course, The Nest, a par‑3, 10-hole short course from Rod Whitman and Dave Axland. The shorter course with quicker pace of play is meant to be more inclusive and appealing to a variety of people including families, juniors and beginners along with scratch golfers.