‘Auspicious,’ a new book by Reetu Gupta

Reetu Gupta has launched her new book: Auspicious - Embracing the Path Toward Courage, Conviction and Confidence.

Book Mockup

According to the author, ambassadress of The Gupta Group, and hospitality maven, Auspicious is a transformative journey of self-discovery, guiding you to embrace auspicious moments and opportunities that lead to success in the present and the future.

“Within the pages, you'll find messages that resonate deeply with your heart,” says Gupta. Her book was released earlier this month and aims to demonstrate why “leading with love and compassion” is key to success in not only the hospitality industry but to living a transformative life.

“From my earliest recall, I have clear memories of what I wanted, and what it was I sought, in order to become the most auspicious, authentic version of myself. As a young girl, my mother and my father taught me—in fact, instilled in me—these values. My mother, Rashmi, encouraged me, from an early age, to believe in myself, to be comfortable in my own skin and to own who I was as at every milestone along the way as I evolved into adulthood,” says Gupta of her inspiration for Auspicious.

Learn more about (or purchase your digital or hard copy) of Auspicious at

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