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Holiday Inn Montreal

NEWS BRIEFS December 15, 2020

Zonetail launches assistance for restaurants. Cornell says Montreal hotels are most sustainable. Hilton and Marriott CEOs say investors should act now. Tourism losing workers daily.

Beth Potter horizontal Shot

PEOPLE update August 11, 2020

Former Fairmont CEO Bill Fatt passes away. Xavier Icardo joins Activar. Ravi Rawlani now GM at Easton’s Group. Phil Hugh joins Radisson. Arjun Channa moves to USVI. Tourism HR Canada Welcomes Four New Board Members.

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OTEC’s Joe Baker: Training Camp & Skills Drills

OTEC’s Joe Baker compares hotel owners and managers to sports coaches. “Our athletes have been in an off-season world for the last 3 months. Before we can get them on the field performing at their peak during games,…

Hotels Canada Georgian Bay Living Water

Philip Mondor explains the THRC Toolkit

OTTAWA — Philip Mondor, president and CEO of Tourism HR Canada paints a vivid picture with stark numbers regarding the pandemic. THRC has prepared a toolkit to help with the recovery.

Victoria Behune OTEC retirement announcement

PEOPLE update January 14, 2020

Chef Dunnill at InterCon Toronto. Chris Lewis heads AmEx GBT Canadian sales. Christine (Stoneman) Willow forms Two WIllows. Fairmont Hot Springs appointments. News re Guido Kerpel, James Chase, Victoria Behune, Vince…