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Joe Baker: Tapping the tourism talent pipeline

While our attention may be currently focused on damage control, risk mitigation and calls for change leadership, let’s take a moment to be strategic about the future foundation of our business – our people.

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Keeping Canada well as we reopen

OTEC’s Joe Baker says that as we re-open our businesses, let’s not underestimate the toll this pandemic and the return to work has had on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our workforce.

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Rapid Response program for Tourism Workers

TORONTO — The disruption to the global economy from COVID-19 is unprecedented and rapidly evolving with its impact on the Canadian labour market likely to be widespread, long-lasting, and unpredictable. The Future…

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OTEC’s Joe Baker: Training Camp & Skills Drills

OTEC’s Joe Baker compares hotel owners and managers to sports coaches. “Our athletes have been in an off-season world for the last 3 months. Before we can get them on the field performing at their peak during games,…


It's Your SHIFT: time to end sexual harassment

TORONTO — Industry organizations ORHMA, THRC and OTEC launched a new free online training program for the hospitality industry, to help bring about change in the workplace on this timely and important issue.


OTEC's key staffing changes

Victoria Behune, president and CEO of OTEC job grant training supplier, has announced key staffing changes at their Etobicoke, Ont. office.